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Advanced Skin Care

Silhouette Dermalift  Non-Surgical Face Lift

Face and Neck Lift 1hour     £40.00

Ultimate Face Lift 90mins     £65.00

Eye Lift 40mins     £25.00

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion 

Express Microdermabrasion 25mins     £25.00

Rejuvinating Microdermabrasion 45mins     £35.00

Micro-Lift Anti-ageing Microdermabrasion 75mins     £45.00


Dermaplaning only      £35.00

Dermalaning inc AHA Peel     £45.00

Dermaplaning inc. AHA Peel and tightening face mask     £50.00

Dermaquest Chemical Peeling 45 mins     £65.00

The Million Dollar Facial 90mins     £85.00

- Dermaplaning

- Dermal Rolling

- Chemical Peel