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Holistic & Body Treatments

Specialist Therapist - Marcella - Spa Therapist

Swedish Massage.

Full Body Massage 60mins  .......... £35.00
Back, Neck  Shoulder massage 30mins  .......... £22.00
Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 60 minutes  ..........  £35.00

Hot Stones Therapy
Using hot volcanic stones to massage away muscle aches and tension, whilst balancing the energies of the body. Pure heaven....

Full Body 75mins .......... £45.00
Back, Neck & Shoulder 45mins ..........£28.00

Hopi Ear Candles
This holistic treatments is an ancient Indian tradition, recommended for migraine, sinusitis, ringing or waxed ear problems.

Hopi Ear Candles Treatment 45mins  ..........£25.00

Indian Head Massage
Based on ancient Ayurvedic techniques, this treatment releases tension and rebalances the mind

45 Minutes ............ £25.00

Reflexology        Available from 1st of September 2016
This ancient therapy on the feet supports the body's natural ability to heal itself, promoting harmony and helping to balance energy levels.

50 Minutes .......... £35.00

Body Buffing
A soothing treatment to remove dead skin cells on the body. After a light body brushing, your skin is exfoliated, cleansed, moisturised, polished and smoothed to perfection.

Body Buffing Treatment 45mins  .......... £30.00

Inch Loss Body Wrap
A non-invasive treatment offering you a better body with lasting results. The advanced technology used in the Minimi solution breaks down fat cells resulting in a reduction of unwanted fat from those difficult areas on the body and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

The amount of loss varies depending on each individual but results are seen immediately, in fact Minimi has the power to DROP A DRESS SIZE IN 1 SINGLE TREATMENT!

                                  * Single treatment .......... £45.00
                                  * Course of 6 treatments .......... £240.00 

*NEW for 2016

Silhouete Dermalift - Body Lifting Treatments

The Silhouette Dermalift advanced body treatments provide: Inch loss, body lifting, figure shaping, lymphatic drainage and treating troubled cellulite areas. This can be immediately followed up with the unique body enhancing treatment. This particular section has pre-selective programmes to suit your own needs, tightening, firming, lifting, circulation and massage, enabling your therapist to maximise the results of your unique Dermalift body treatment, whist minimising those tell tale signs of ageing.

20 minutes on our Faradic System is the equivalent of 350 sit ups!

Treatment Benefit:

* Slimming & inch-loss

* Lymphatic Drainage

* Body Lifting

* Body Toning & Shaping

* Cellulite Reduction

* Skin Rejuvenation

* Improved Circulation

Area Workout Abdomen, Thighs, Buttock or Arms - 45 minutes .......... £30.00 

To work specifically on a problem area, this programme will effectively shape, firm and trim muscles of the Abdomen, Thighs, Buttocks or arms.. Working intensively to improve the muscle groups in the area and the overall appearance. The contractions are deep, fast and effective on this troublesome area.

Course of 10 ..... £270.00 (must be used in 8 weeks)


Total Body Workout Abdomen, Thighs, Buttocks AND Arms - 90 minutes ......... £60.00

This programme will firm and tone all the muscles in the treatment area. This will suit all body sizes, either to maintain muscle tone and body definition or for requiring body profiling to gain muscle tone and achieve inch loss.

Course of 10 ..... £540.00 (must be used in 8 weeks)

Ultimate Body - 120 minutes ......... £ 90.00  (Saving You £15.00)

The ultimate, lift tone and inch loss programme. Ideal before any special occasion. Includes:

* Body Brush Exfoliation

* Total Body Workout

* Inch Loss Body Wrap

* Foot Massage



Double treatment available on request, booking advisable.