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Silhouette Face & Neck Lift

Silhouette Dermalift - Non-Surgical Face Lift

The Silhouette Dermalift machine is the culmination of 35 years of innovation and development in the field of non-surgical facial lifting. The treatment uses a low level adjustable electrical microcurrent to stimulate and regenerate cells and muscles. The electrical current will help to tone, lift and reshape sagging muscles, regenerate the cells, hydrate and firm the skin all without the use of surgery. The Silhouette Non-Surgical Facelift treatment is extremely comfortable and it excels in dealing with the signs of ageing. It has the ability to reduce lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture to give you a fresher appearance with smoother, regenerated skin. Fine lines and wrinkles become plumped out and begin to soften, providing a more youthful appearance.

o Visible decrease in lines and wrinkles

o Increased hydration

o Improved elasticity

o Re-firming of facial muscles

o Improved circulation

o Increase in Collagen production

Face and Neck Lift -  £40.00  1hour

Ultimate Face Lift -  £65.00  90mins

(includes, Galvanic Peel, Lymphatic Drainage, Face and Neck Lift, Hydrotone Mask and skin feathering)

Eye Lift -  £25.00   40mins